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First off, I'm a woman. For some reason, my luck with getting my car repaired has always been bad...until now. I took my car to this shop because my blinkers were blinking real fast. I went there and talked with John the service writer. He introduced me to the mechanic who took me out to my car and showed me what was wrong. Turns out, it was just a burned out bulb! I was back on my way in a matter of minutes. I have to say that I'm completely impressed that they didnt try and sell me stuff that I didnt need or try and scare me into replacing something that wasnt broken. I called my Dad that afternoon and he breathed a sigh of relief that I had finally found a honest shop that wasnt going to rip me off or fast talk me just because I'm a woman. I go there from now on and get my oil changed and I always thank them for doing such a great job. Money is tight for me and I really needed the break! Thx John and Charlie! – Feb 22, 2012 by Guest 96917

I will never take my car anywhere else. I drive from Pflugerville to William Cannon just for them. Most honest mechanic you will ever find. – Mar 31, 2011 by Guest43306


These guys are the good guys! Never lie to you, never make you feel less than 100% respected and valuable. They know what they are doing and do it right the first time, every time, and quickly. Exactly what you want in your mechanic. - 

Jul 10, 2013 by anonymous


John and his guys do great honest work. Their prices are fair and they don't try and tell you that your vehicle has more things wrong with it than it really does. Most important they don't take advantage of you just because you are a woman like a lot of other automotive places do. They have worked on my vehicle several times with different issues it has had and I have been pleased with all the work done and most of all the price. John and his staff are the BEST. Support this shop out in South Austin they are worth it! - Dec 28, 2012 by anonymous


My car broke down on New Year's eve, so I had to wait a couple days and took a chance on this small shop nearby where I reside. Met the owner - seemed genuine, so I gave them a chance. After getting my car towed they did an assessment, pinpointed exactly what went wrong (timing belt and water pump) and I added a request to fix a PCV valve I noticed needed replacing. Got it all done for reasonable price and within a day. My car is old, but she runs as good as ever. I'd recommend these guys to anyone that might need their car worked on. I suppose I favor the little guy as opposed to the corporate garages that charge you 4x the value of the work. I'm going to take my car back soon to get one other matter fixed and they quoted me a really good estimate on fixing it. I'm hoping to get my old car to last another year. So, if you're in a pinch for quality I recommend Superior Automotive.  - Jan 8, 2011 by Guest62945


Most trustworthy place in Austin! I used to live in Austin and once I found these guys I never went anywhere else! Just wish there were places like them in Houston =(  - Dec 12, 2010 by Guest30140


i was a first time customer and they where great i will tell all my friends and famly -  Oct 29, 2008 by Guest67604

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